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「umc」 Nekomandara Sticker Set

「umc」 Nekomandara Sticker Set

UMC Nekomandara Sticker Set (2 stickers)

These stickers feature a popular design of Nekomandara, with one large and one small sticker included in the set. The design pays respect to nature and cats, and is depicted with a glossy, vibrant style.

Enjoy the art in various ways by using it as a decoration on notebooks and journals, or in any other creative way you like.

Size (large): Approximately H100 x W100mm
Size (small): Approximately H70 x W70mm
※Sizes are approximate and may vary due to production differences.

Material: Glossy vinyl
※This durable material can be used outdoors, and is laminated to be water-resistant.

Product ID:M000000037

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*The color and texture may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your device or viewing settings.

*Be sure to wipe the surface where you plan to apply the sticker before sticking it.

*Once the sticker is applied, it cannot be repositioned or replaced as the adhesive surface will be deformed.

*When applying the sticker, avoid leaving air bubbles by slowly sticking it from one end to the other.

*It takes 2-3 days for the adhesive to stabilize after application.

*Due to the PP processing, the sticker may warp. It cannot be completely prevented due to the nature of the material.

*Avoid using a dishwasher or rubbing the sticker too hard as it may cause it to peel off.

*There is a possibility of processing peeling, color fading, and decreased adhesiveness due to deterioration over time.

*The adhesive may remain after removing the sticker depending on the usage.

*This product is not a toy. Please be careful to prevent small children from using it and accidentally choking.

■ Country of origin: Japan.

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