About Matatabiya

“Matatabiya” plans and sells goods for the online community “ Live Like A Cat (LLAC) ”.

The theme of LLAC is "Living Like a Cat".

What is normal for us humans? What's the obvious?
If you can stop being a human and become a cat, even if it's a fantasy...

You may be able to revise your own rules. You will be more free than you are now.

A cat brings you happiness and connects you to someone around you.
LLAC has such thoughts.

We will have a collection of pop and cute cat goods drawn by illustrator "Umuko Nekomori".

In addition, a part of the goods sales will be donated to an organization that is active in protecting cats.
May as many cats as possible live in peace.

Lead designer "Umuko Nekomori"

Digital illustrator.
With her unique cat-themed worldview and pop visuals, her illustration content has gained popularity mainly on SNS.

The number of Twitter followers exceeds 50,000, and the series of the original character "Umuneko" has recorded 70,000 likes.
A digital creator who is currently attracting attention on SNS.

Official collaboration with Amazon is ongoing. Appointed as a PR character for Amazon Pay.
Currently serving as the lead designer for the NFT project “Live Like A Cat”.