Inquiries related to SBT are increasing

Please check in advance

Those who do not receive the Matatabiya SBT application email

Target people will be those who have purchased the product by 12/2.

The application email will be sent to the address provided at the time of purchase.
It is linked with the "address linked to the payment method".

Example ・Apple Pay → (iCloud email address, etc.)
・Google Pay → (GMail email address, etc.)
・Amazon Pay → (e.g. Amazon registered email address)

Please check all possible addresses other than those registered in the mail magazine.

Those who have no purchase history even after registering and activating their account

The address at the time of purchase may differ from the address you recognize. If you have another address in mind, try that as well.

Those who have not received a thank-you email at the time of product purchase

You may have mistyped your email address. In the inquiry form, please specify the name, address, and email address you would like to register in the future .

For Gmail users

Please also check your spam box or promotions as it may be in there.

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