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Teiban Set|New

Teiban Set|New

Set of 9 stickers 

*The second image from the left is the actual product.

We will deliver all kinds of standard designs as a set of 9 pieces.

Perfect for those who want to collect a lot. Also great as a gift.

* Unlike the first edition sticker, it is a die-cut version. (Please check the third image for details) Die-cutting means cutting the sticker into the shape of the illustration.

Size: About H70 x W73mm

*Sizes are approximate. There are individual differences in manufacturing.

Material: glossy PVC

*Durable material for outdoor use. Because it is laminated, it is also water resistant.

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  • 単品購入時の送料は440円(ネコポスサイズ)になります。
  • 複数購入時の送料は、決済ページにてご確認ください。
  • 10,000円以上お買い上げで、日本国内送料無料となります。
  • ご購入からおよそ7営業日以内に発送いたします。
  • 複数購入時、商品が揃ってから「まとめて発送」いたします。それぞれの商品ページから発送予定をご確認の上、お急ぎの場合は個別にご購入ください。



* Colors and textures may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your device and viewing settings.

*Be sure to wipe off the dirt on the place to be pasted before pasting.

* Once the sticker is pasted, the adhesive surface will be deformed, so it cannot be repositioned or replaced.

* Do not peel off the backing paper at once, but slowly apply it from the edge so that air bubbles do not remain when pasting.

*After pasting, it takes 2-3 days for the adhesive strength to stabilize.

*Because it is PP processed, it may warp. Due to the characteristics of the material, it cannot be completely prevented.

*Avoid using a dishwasher or strong scrubbing as this may cause the product to come off.

*Processing may peel off, fade, or lose adhesive strength due to aging.

*Depending on usage conditions, glue may remain when the sticker is removed.

*This product is not a toy. Please be careful not to cause suffocation due to accidental ingestion by small children.

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