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This Fuji-shaped mug is a traditional Mino Ware crafted in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. It features a simple and refined design with LLAC's cat motif on both the inside and outside, as well as a family crest on the bottom.

<First-time Limited Gift>
Customers who purchase from September 30th (Saturday) to October 2nd (Monday) until 23:59 (Japan Time) will receive a commemorative NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as an airdrop from the organizers. Please be sure to provide your wallet address when making the purchase.
We plan to offer products that can be exchanged when you collect multiple NFTs in the future. Details about the NFT benefits will be announced separately.
- Polygon NFT
- Goods NFT (Mug) will be airdropped for each purchased item
- Only one wallet specified at the time of purchase will receive the airdrop

Size: φ75×H83×W84mm
Capacity: 285ml (Approximately 300cc when filled to the brim)
Material: Porcelain
Origin: Gifu (Tajimi), Mino Ware
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Food inspection approved
Heat impact test approved

* If you purchase multiple items, the discount amount will be higher than when using the NFT COUPON, so the NFT COUPON cannot be used in this case. Please note that NFT COUPON cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.

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<Usage Instructions>
- Microwave: ✔️
- Dishwasher: ✔️
- Oven: ❌
- Open Flame: ❌

<Usage Cautions>
- Only suitable for household microwave use.
- Do not use in high-temperature ovens, such as gas ovens, oven toasters, or microwave oven functions with high heat, as well as on gas stoves.
- When cleaning, avoid using metal scrubbers or cleaners that could cause scratches. Use a soft cloth or sponge with neutral detergent.
- Prolonged use in a dishwasher may damage the design, so please be cautious.
- After use, promptly remove stains with a neutral detergent, and wipe off any moisture before storing.
- Ceramic products may break or chip due to strong impacts or rapid temperature changes, so handle with care.
- If cracks or chips occur, discontinue use to prevent injury.

<Understanding the Characteristics of Ceramic Products>
Typically, ceramic products go through molding, coloring, and printing processes before being fired at high temperatures in a kiln. During this manufacturing process, the following phenomena may occur, which are inherent to ceramic products. Generally, returns are not accepted, so please understand these characteristics:
- During firing in the kiln, small holes (pinholes) or black spots may appear due to trapped air, iron content, or dust within the ceramic product.
- When applying colors overall, glaze is manually brushed on. This can result in variations in thickness, and depending on the product's shape, uneven coloring may occur.
- Kiln temperatures typically range from 1200 to 1300 degrees Celsius. To prevent the product's bottom from sticking to the kiln shelf, a material called alumina is applied. After firing at high temperatures, there may be some residue from the shelf on the bottom.
- After firing, the bottom is polished flat using a polishing machine, but it may not be possible to completely remove all traces.

■ Country of Origin: Japan

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