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Maneki tenugui Red

Maneki tenugui Red

Tenugui (dark red)

Japanese-style cats are lined up vertically. The original family crest is placed in the middle for a modern and dignified impression.
Please use it in various ways such as wrapping and winding. It is a design that shines even if you decorate it as an interior.

[Specifications of Tenugui]

Size: about 35 x 90 cm

*Sizes are approximate. There are individual differences in manufacturing.

Material: 100% cotton Made in Japan

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* At first, the color may fade due to washing with water or friction.
* Color transfer may occur if it contains water.
*Please do not leave it wet.
* When washing, please wash separately from other items.

●Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why are tenugui cut?
A. By not sewing the edges of the cloth, it dries easily and keeps it clean and hygienic.

Q. I'm worried about the fraying of the tenugui.
A. If you are concerned about it, cut it with scissors. If you continue washing, the fraying will stop at the right place. The edges of the tenugui are intentionally not sewn so that they tear when injured.

Q. How to wash Japanese tenugui?
A. When washing, hand wash with plenty of water, lightly smooth out wrinkles, and dry out of direct sunlight. Leaving it wet may cause color transfer.

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