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Muimi Key Ring Muchroom

Muimi Key Ring Muchroom

Keyring (Mushroom)

Carry your favorite art with you wherever you go with this keyring.

This design is part of the "Muimi" series and features the family crest "Neko no Tsunajirushi" on the back.

Try incorporating it into your fashion as a good luck charm. It is also recommended as an accent for bags or keys.

Size: Approximately H60 x W60mm

*Size is approximate and may vary due to manufacturing differences.

Material: Acrylic, Zinc Alloy.

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* The color and texture may vary slightly from the actual product depending on your device and viewing settings.

* The material surface is vulnerable to scratches, so please handle with care.

* The acrylic is cut along the design, so it may become thinner in certain areas and become more prone to damage.

* Please avoid applying excessive force as it may cause damage.

* Contact with the damaged surface may cause injury or scratches.

* Please keep out of reach of children.

* Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, alcohol, or any other chemical-containing substances to clean the

* keyring, as it may cause cracking due to material properties.

* Small cracks may occur depending on usage, and it may turn white over time.

* Please keep away from fire.

■ Country of origin: Japan

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