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「umc」 Nekomandara Acrylic Block

「umc」 Nekomandara Acrylic Block

umc Nekomandara Acrylic Block

This product is designed to harmonize with your interior decor, while also containing the essence of umc (Umeko Nekomori)'s philosophy.

The artwork, sealed in high-transparency acrylic, shines brightly in the space as light enters it.

The special edition has a subtle logo engraved on the side. It can also be used as a bookstand or paperweight.

Size: Approximately H100 × W100 × D20mm.
Weight: 240g.
Material: Acrylic.

Product ID:M000000036

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※ The color and texture may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your device or viewing settings.

※ The surface of the acrylic is easily scratched, so please handle with care.

※ The corners are sharp, so please handle with care to avoid injury.

※ Avoid using in unstable locations. It may cause tipping or falling, which can be dangerous.

※ This is not a toy. Please use it as a decoration. Do not use it for any other purpose.

※ Do not place it where children or pets can reach it.

※ Do not wipe with solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol. Due to the characteristics of the material, it may crack.

※ When removing dirt, use a soft cloth and a neutral detergent diluted with water.

※ Fine cracks may occur depending on usage. It may also turn white.

※ It may deform at high temperatures, so please use and store it below 50℃.

■ Country of origin: Japan

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