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Clear sticker for LLAC holders (in TYPE)

Clear sticker for LLAC holders (in TYPE)

<Order Information>
※ All times are in Japan Time.

This is an exclusive offer for NFT holders of Live Like A Cat.

Order acceptance period: November 25th (Saturday) to November 27th (Monday) 23:59

This is a made-to-order item. Delivery is scheduled for mid-December or later.

For those who order together with coffee beans, the sticker will be delivered as soon as it is ready, so please be aware of this when placing your order.

<NFT Gift>
For those who place an order from November 25th (Saturday) to November 27th (Monday) 23:59, we will present a limited edition NFT for the first-time buyers.

If you wish to receive the purchase bonus NFT, please be sure to enter your MetaMask wallet address (42 digits) in the notes field on the cart page.


Decorate your favorite items such as smartphones, PCs, and notebooks with this sticker.

Size: Approximately H70×W61mm

※ Sizes are approximate and may vary due to manufacturing differences.

Material: Glossy Vinyl

※ Durable material suitable for outdoor use. It is water-resistant due to the applied laminate processing.

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  • 単品購入時の送料は440円(ネコポスサイズ)になります。
  • 複数購入時の送料は、決済ページにてご確認ください。
  • 10,000円以上お買い上げで、日本国内送料無料となります。
  • ご購入からおよそ7営業日以内に発送いたします。
  • 複数購入時、商品が揃ってから「まとめて発送」いたします。それぞれの商品ページから発送予定をご確認の上、お急ぎの場合は個別にご購入ください。



*Colors and textures may vary slightly from the actual product depending on your device and viewing settings.

*Before sticking, be sure to wipe off any dirt on the surface where you plan to place the sticker.

*Once a sticker is applied, the adhesive surface may deform, so it cannot be repositioned or replaced.

*To avoid air bubbles during application, slowly peel off the backing paper from the edge, ensuring a smooth application.

*After sticking, it may take 2-3 days for the adhesive to stabilize.

*Due to the applied PP processing, the sticker may curl. It cannot be completely prevented due to the characteristics of the material.

*Avoid using a dishwasher or vigorous scrubbing, as it may cause peeling.

*Over time, the processing may peel off, colors may fade, and adhesive strength may decrease due to aging.

*Depending on usage, adhesive residue may remain when removing the sticker.

*This product is not a toy. Please be cautious to prevent small children from using it, as it could lead to choking due to accidental ingestion.

*Country of Origin: Japan

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